Domain Hosting Services

A Full-Service Web Hosting Solution

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Your Website Has Found Its New Home

As more and more companies conduct business online, your website is now a vital component in attracting new customers. First impressions are important, so don’t make the wrong one by having a slow, outdated and unreliable website. Worried that running the backend of a website can be a time-consuming process? Let us take that off your plate.

With domain hosting services by Lane Technology solutions, we’ll host your website on our dedicated servers. This ensures that your website loads quickly and works the way it’s intended. Plus, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining expensive servers to run your website. Our domain hosting services are priced with a flat, predictable monthly fee. If something does go wrong, you can rest easy knowing our team of engineers will correct the issue right away. Find out how we can take your website to the next level.

Benefits of Domain Hosting Services

Improved Website Performance

Don’t leave your potential customers waiting for your site to load. Your website will be optimized to work quickly every time.

Technical Support

If you’re experiencing any issues with your website, our team of experts will fix it right away to get you back to 100%.

Website Reliability

Don’t damage your reputation. You don’t have to worry about your website going offline with our reliable domain hosting services.

No Expensive Overhead

With our hosting services, there’s no need to purchase or maintain expensive servers. You’ll only pay a flat monthly fee.


Explore Our Managed IT Services

Server & Network Monitoring

In the event that any of your IT hardware or on-premise servers break, we’ll be there to fix it.

IT Helpdesk Support

No need to wait all day for the IT person to show up. We’ll remotely fix your tech problem in minutes.

Discover Our Other IT Solutions

Every second counts in today’s always-on world. Your customers don’t expect to wait long to get the services they need. If your technology can’t keep up with customer expectations, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let Lane Technology Solutions craft a custom IT solution that addresses your business needs and keeps you within budget. Our IT support solutions include:

Cloud Managed Services

Harness the power of the cloud to increase efficiency and productivity.

Managed Security Services

Protect your network from the latest cyberthreats to your business.

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