Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Protect Your Vital Data from the Unknown

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Always Have a Backup Plan

As businesses continue operating more and more core business functions digitally, keeping your data safe and secure is essential. Nobody plans for a disaster, but if the worst happens, would your business be able to recover your data? According to FEMA, up to 60% of small businesses never recover after a disaster and are forced to close. That’s why a data backup and disaster recovery plan is an essential component of your long-term success.

Lane Technology Solutions uses Acronis® Disaster Recovery Cloud to protect partners’ essential data. With our backup and disaster recovery services, you’ll be able to access previously saved backups to get your business up and running in minutes instead of hours. Find out how having the right backup plan can protect your business from the unknown.

Benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Office 365 Backup

Your Microsoft® docs and essential files will be safe and secure with Dropsuite’s Office 365 Backup.

Minimal Downtime

The longer your business is down, it cost your company a lot of money. Our backup service will have you up and running in minutes.

Automated Testing

We’ll test the integrity of your disaster recovery plan by running disaster scenarios in a secure environment.

Turnkey Solution

Our disaster recovery services can be easily implemented and installed, protecting your data almost immediately.

Improve Your Security

Explore Our Managed Security Services

Network Firewall Security

With our firewall protection, we’ll monitor your network to alert you if anything suspicious tries to enter.

Endpoint Protection & Recovery

In the event that your employees’ wireless devices are lost or stolen, we’ll keep your network safe.

Discover Our Other IT Solutions

Every second counts in today’s always-on world. Your customers don’t expect to wait long to get the services they need. If your technology can’t keep up with customer expectations, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let Lane Technology Solutions craft a custom IT solution that addresses your business needs and keeps you within budget. Our IT support solutions include:

Managed IT Services

Rest easy knowing our experts are protecting your infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Services

Harness the power of the cloud to increase efficiency and productivity.

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