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7 Tips for Staying Secure While Working from Home

Since the pandemic started in 2020, more Americans have been working remotely than ever before. As we enter 2022, working remotely is a trend that keeps growing and cybercriminals are targeting remote workers even more.

It’s a good time to make sure that your business has strong “Work From Home” policies in place to protect your data from these cybercriminals. At LTS, we use a variety of programs to protect your business and employees while working in the office or remotely. Fortigate is just one of the many tools we use from our partners at Fortinet to make sure your data is protected against cyber attacks in any space.

To learn more security tips and remote worker solutions, watch the video and click the button below.

Contact us for more information about LTS services and how we can help keep your data secure while employees work remotely or otherwise.

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