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Meet The Team

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Jim Lane
President & CEO
Jim is the mastermind that keeps the company running. He is always making sure all the balls are kept up in the air. In the rare moment you catch him at home relaxing, it will most likely be in the pool with a craft beer or smooth bourbon in hand.
Kate Lane
Vice President & COO

Kate is a hands-on leader who focuses on bringing operations to optimal efficiency. She has worked tirelessly to implement the EOS, Tracking system within LTS operations. Kate is a Winter Park History Museum board member, a Winter Park Community College School Advisory Committee member, a Leadership Winter Park graduate (Class XXXI), and a familiar face at Winter Park Chamber of Commerce functions. Kate splits her time with Jim, and their dog, Nala, between their homes in Orlando, FL and Palm Springs, CA. She enjoys traveling to visit grandchildren, hiking, biking, word games, and dabbling in stained glass art.

Michael Ramos
IT Productivity Director

Michael is our in-house jack of all trades. He knows a lot of avenues and can be relied upon to move almost any project along. He makes excellent use of his customer service background to ensure that we are providing exemplary service. Michael enjoys hardware, and even in his free time, he can be found tinkering on some new technology-related project.

Minette Marcial
Director of Operations

If you’re at Point A and need to get to Point B, Minette is your gal! With over 15 years of blended Communication, Project Management and Corporate Training & Delivery experience, Minette has supported global icons, as well as local organizations. Process is Minette’s superpower. She specializes in aligning our big-picture strategies with our day-to-day execution to help us drive progress, solve business challenges, and ultimately help create an exceptional Customer experience. In her free time, Minette loves to linger at the table and share a cup of Cuban café with her friends and family.

Noel Torres
IT Productivity Manager

Noel is currently working here with us and enrolled at Valencia College. No rest for the weary here! Noel’s education includes network infrastructure and various industry certifications. He strives to continually learn something new, whether to improve his IT career, life skills, or something he can share with others. Noel loves to stay active physically, as well. During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and jet skiing. On and off the court, Noel is always a team player.

Jose Diaz Vasquez
Senior Systems Engineer

Jose is a technology lover at heart and has had a passion for learning new things for as long as he can remember. It was not a difficult decision for him to select a career in technology. Jose is originally from Venezuela. He enjoys spending time trying to understand the reality of the human mind and how the universe works by studying philosophy, politics, and physics.

Fabian Escalona
Senior Network Engineer

Hi, I’m Fabian, a network engineer with over eight years of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining various types of networks. I love my job as a network engineer, but I also have a passion for cooking. I enjoy experimenting with different cuisines and recipes and sharing them with my family and friends. I believe that cooking is an art and a science, just like network engineering. Both require creativity, problem-solving, and attention to detail. I am always eager to learn new skills and techniques in both fields.

Manny Martinez
Sr. IT Productivity Specialist

Manuel loves technology. He has a strong background in customer service and IT support, with 40+ years’ experience in the IT field. He has experience and training from the NCR corporation in Dayton, Ohio, Rancho Bernardo, CA, and Dundee, Scotland. Manuel believes in a positive mindset to achieve what he sets out to do. He was born in Spain and currently living in Venezuela. Manuel is very good with interpersonal relationships, is creative, adaptable, and service oriented.

Marcos Vierra
Sr. IT Productivity Specialist

Marcos loves learning new things and techniques – the possibilities are limitless. He loves technology and games and is on a computer for most of his day. But that does not mean he doesn’t like the outdoors; he likes to run and enjoys basketball (even though he says he’s terrible at it!). Marcos’s friends and family sometimes refer to him as the “Motorcycle Man”, since his only way around town is by motorcycle.

Robert Vazquez
IT Productivity Specialist II

Robert is dedicated to his IT career and enjoys helping others solve complex technical problems. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients are satisfied. In his free time, Robert enjoys playing guitar and piano. He is a talented musician, and he has a real passion for creating beautiful music. He also loves spending time at the beach, soaking up the sun and saltwater.

Alessandro Teixeira
IT Account Specialist

Alessandro is an IT professional with a passion for precision in both bytes and goals. Whether I’m troubleshooting tech glitches or watching a soccer match, attention to detail is my forte. My work in IT keeps me sharp, while the beautiful game on the field allows me to unwind.

Daniel Chavez
IT Productivity Specialist
Daniel is dedicated to learning and constantly updating his technical skills. He is currently on the first line of defense in assisting our clients with their technology needs. Daniel plans to pursue his IT career into cybersecurity and networking. In his off-time Daniel likes to read, go to the gym, and play video games. Daniel is a member of the Navy Reserves and has traveled to a few countries with them. His future plans include traveling the world and exploring new cultures.
Adriana Tomasso
Contract Administrator
Adriana brings order to chaos. She is an experienced and highly organized assistant, helping busy professionals stay organized and on track. She will take care of the details, letting others focus on the big picture. She takes pleasure in making everyone’s lives easier and more efficient. She loves to hike while exploring the outdoors. Her moto: ‘Organizing life, one step at a time’.
Eian Hiss
IT Productivity Specialist

A technology enthusiast from a young age, Eian has been tinkering with computers from the Apple IIe to custom gaming rigs. He considers himself an amateur Linux enthusiast and a trackball advocate. In his spare time, Eian enjoys gaming both on the computer and on the table, building models, and the occasional good book.

Rita Annette Peña
IT Productivity Security & Compliance

Rita brings her passion for learning new technology, along with her organizational skills and years of customer service experience to the forefront. Her love for technology is a driving force in her career, and she wholeheartedly embraces new opportunities to continuously learn and expand her knowledge in this ever-evolving digital realm. Beyond her work, she enjoys the creative outlets of art, music, and indulges in online gaming and anime. Rita… Bridging Art and Tech, One Byte at a Time! Embracing creativity and innovation beyond the desk.

Luis Peña
IT Productivity Specialist II

Luis is a Systems Engineer with several years of experience implementing and administering network and security platforms in different industries. He enjoys reading about cybersecurity trends and best practices in this area. He has various IT certifications, and he plans to continue gaining more knowledge and experience in this field to enhance cybersecurity awareness. In his free time, he loves to travel and to practice outdoor activities such as hiking and bicycle riding.

Jack Pope
IT Productivity Specialist

Jack attends Philips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH. During Jack’s internship with LTS he assisted in reorganizing our inventory system and worked alongside our other techs on projects and system buildings. Jack has been interested in technology and computers since a young age and enjoys all aspects of the field. He has built his own gaming computer, taken many computer science classes, and written code with a team of peers for a robot on the International Space Station! Recently, Jack has been really interested in AI and Machine Learning. He is a member of a Robotics team working on voice recognition code for Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot. Outside of the world of computers, Jack enjoys music, specifically playing the drum set, skiing, and hanging out with his friends.

Kris Zawalski
Business Operations Consultant
Kris works behind the scenes to ensure all is running as it should be. He has a gift for following policies and procedures and when a device or process gets off track, Kris is there to right the ship.
Diana Richards
Social Media Consultant

Based in New York, Diana is a seasoned social media manager known for her knack in crafting captivating content and engaging audiences. With expertise in demographic understanding and strategic content creation, she excels in driving engagement and enhancing brand presence. Beyond her professional endeavors, Diana finds solace in hiking with her beloved dog and indulges her passion for landscape photography in her free time. She remains dedicated to keeping her clients at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Nala Lane
Chief Executive Barketer

Nala is our CEB – Chief Executive Barketer. She is ever the hospitable office greeter with her soft cuddles and wet kisses. (Though she has been known to not be able to control her ‘licker’ at times!) Nala’s favorite treats are baby carrots. In her free time, Nala enjoys short walks and playing with one of her many stuffed and squeaky toys.