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Where and how we work has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, employees had to be at their desk, connected to their internal networks to access sensitive information and get their jobs done. Fast forward to today, and employees are regularly working on the road or from home and need a way to stay connected. That’s why companies are adopting cloud managed services to keep up with today’s on-demand world.  

If you’re ready to move to the cloud, then Lane Technology Solutions can help. Our team of experts can come up with a custom solution to resolve your specific pain points. You’ll enjoy the same functionality you did with your traditional on-site server network, but now you’ll have the ability to access files from inside and outside the office. Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry about unplanned expenses as you pay a flat monthly fee for cloud access. Discover how Lane Technology Solutions’ cloud managed services can help your business.

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As a Microsoft® Gold Partner, we offer the latest solutions, including Azure Cloud Services and Office 365.


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Benefits of cloud managed services


hosted virtual desktops

Stop worrying about not having access to files stored on another computer’s hard drive. Your employees’ desktop will be safely stored on a remote server.


business resiliency

When you’re in the cloud, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re running the latest versions of your favorite applications, plus it’s all saved in a remote location.

lower costs

Gone are the days of random, expensive tech purchases when something goes wrong. You’ll pay a predictable monthly fee for the services your business uses.

Improved Scalability

When your business needs fluctuate as your company grows or faces peak seasonal demands, you can effortlessly add or subtract users to your cloud network.


Every second counts in today’s always-on world. Your customers don’t expect to wait long to get the services they need. If your technology can’t keep up with customer expectations, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let Lane Technology Solutions craft a custom IT solution that addresses your business needs and keeps you within budget. Our IT support solutions include:

managed it services

Rest easy knowing our experts are protecting your infrastructure


Managed security Services

Protect your network from the latest cyber threats

Information Technology News

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