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Additional Solutions

We can assist you and your business in so many more ways as well.

Business Processes Services Support & Consultation

Assistance in developing purposeful business goals to produce consistent outcomes, all within your budget.

Website Services

Website design, icon illustrations, mobile apps, UI/UX, landing pages, email templates, blog customization, and more.

Social Media/SEO Marketing Services

Optimize activity on your social media accounts to drive traffic to your business and website.

Video Production Services

Creating video content to meet your companies' marketing strategies.

Compliance Management

Assessing and monitoring your systems to ensure they comply with industry and security standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies and requirements.

Surveillance Cameras & Access Control

Installation of access control & surveillance systems to keep your organization, people, and assets safe.

Cabling Services

Design and install cabling systems using a set of standards to secure your network and allow for supported hardware expansion in the future.

IT Staffing

Providing outsources tech talent you require to cover your full or part-time day-to-day IT needs or project work.

Emergency IT Support

24/7 Remote or on-site technology support when time is of the essence.


We provide Input, Processing, Storage, Output and Communication devices through our custom line, Kompyuta, or other national brands.

Office365/Google Migrations

Migration strategies to transfer email & rules, calendar, and contact information.

Value Added Reseller

Combine complementary products to better achieve your end business goal(s).

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Single Point of Solutions

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Lane Technology Solutions works with you to formulate your IT solutions with a focus on helping your business make money, save money, and reduce risk.

Tech News

What you need to know about the newest technology solutions.