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Enhancing trust and protecting privacy in the AI era

Our partners at Microsoft have a goal is to empower customers to fully leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, all while respecting their privacy preferences and requirements. In this regard, we are excited to share the following article that describes essential aspects of their strategy for safeguarding privacy within AI, which forms a fundamental part of the Microsoft innovative generative AI products like Microsoft Copilot.

Their strategy focuses on integrating security and privacy into products, ensuring transparency, and providing real-time information. Users have tools for data control, aligning with our commitment to privacy as a fundamental human right. They adhere to laws, support safeguards, and believe their privacy-centric approach brings clarity to users using generative AI products like Microsoft Copilot.

Click below to discover the cutting-edge approach Microsoft is taking to empower users while respecting privacy needs, and contact us to learn how we can help provide these services to your business

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