Managed Security Service

Protecting Your Data from Cyber Threats

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Your Network, Safe and Secure

In recent years, business after business has fallen victim to significant cybersecurity breaches, compromising corporate and customer data. These cyberattacks can be devastating for companies both big and small. The best way to protect your company is with a great defense consisting of the latest managed security services from Lane Technology Solutions.

Lane Technology Solutions has a team of experts trained to identify any potential weaknesses in your current network. After assessing your network, we create a customized set of solutions so your business can stay one step ahead of any bad actors trying to break into your system.

Explore our Cloud Managed Services

Network Firewall Security

With our firewall protection, we’ll monitor your network to alert you if anything suspicious tries to enter.

Endpoint Protection & Recovery

Keep your wireless network and devices secure with our multi-layered network protection tools.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Nobody ever plans for a disaster, but if a crisis occurs, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Fortify Your Network

Benefits of Managed Security Services

Early Threat Detection

The sooner we know someone is trying to break into your network, the easier it’ll be able to stop them.

Access to the Latest Tools

Our team of experts uses the latest cybersecurity hardware and software tools to protect your business.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your IT network is being guarded 24/7 by a team of cybersecurity professionals.

Predictable Monthly Cost

We offer cybersecurity solutions tailored to fit your business needs, all for a flat monthly fee.

Discover Our Other IT Solutions

Every second counts in today’s always-on world. Your customers don’t expect to wait long to get the services they need. If your technology can’t keep up with customer expectations, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let Lane Technology Solutions craft a custom IT solution that addresses your business needs and keeps you within budget. Our IT support solutions include:

Managed IT Services

Rest easy knowing our experts are protecting your infrastructure.

Cloud Managed Services

Harness the power of the cloud to increase efficiency and productivity.

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