Endpoint Protection and Recovery

Protect Every Source from Cyberattacks


Security for the Wireless Age

Today’s workplace is wireless as businesses issue laptops and tablets to new employees instead of wired desktop computers. With the influx of wireless tablets, smartphones and other smart devices, there’s a higher demand for network access, which opens more opportunities for breaches from unsecured devices. To combat this growing risk, you need an endpoint protection specialist that can craft a solution to fit your needs. That’s where we come in.


Lane Technology Solutions offers endpoint protection and recovery solutions from SentinelOne. The SentinelOne Core delivers multi-layered, AI-powered endpoint protection that aids in the detection of malicious attacks and isolates compromised endpoints from accessing your internal network.

Benefits of Endpoint Protection and Recovery


Threat Isolation

If we detect an endpoint is infected, we’ll isolate it from your network to stop the spread.


Lane Technology Solutions offers a variety of endpoint protection services that can scale up to meet your specific needs.

Advanced AI Protection

Sentinel One Core uses behavioral artificial intelligence (AI) to detect malicious code hidden in attachments.


Eliminate Notification Fatigue

Be alerted to the critical breach attempts instead of getting your inbox flooded with every minor attempt.

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Network Firewall Security

With our firewall protection, we’ll monitor your network to alert you if anything suspicious tries to enter.


Nobody ever plans for a disaster, but if a crisis occurs, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.


Every second counts in today’s always-on world. Your customers don’t expect to wait long to get the services they need. If your technology can’t keep up with customer expectations, then it’s time for an upgrade. Let Lane Technology Solutions craft a custom IT solution that addresses your business needs and keeps you within budget. Our IT support solutions include:


managed it services

Rest easy knowing our experts are protecting your infrastructure

Cloud Managed Services

Harness the power of the cloud to increase efficiency and productivity.

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