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Learn How to Elevate Your Customer Experience through a Multi-Sensory Journey

Customer Experience is a holistic approach to how your clients interact with your business from the very beginning, when they first hear about you, to the end, when they no longer require your services (but hopefully, will refer your services to others). 

It’s about a ‘feeling.’ Feelings hit all the senses: Look, hear, taste, touch, and smell. 

How does your business look?  Your website, your showroom, your employees, your vehicles.  Every time someone sees something they can relate back to your business; they form an impression. 

  • Is your company vehicle a brand-new high-end make/model and spotless? 
  • Do your employees look like they just rolled out to bed? 
  • Is your showroom full of bright colors and interactive? 
  • Is the latest blog on your website from 2020? 

When you just read each of the above statements, your mind formed a picture.  Some pictures were positive and some not-so-much.   

How does your business sound? 

  • Is there soft soothing jazz, classic rock, or hip contemporary music playing in your showroom? 
  • Is there blasting, blaring music coming from your company vehicle as it sits at a red light? 
  • Do your employees answer the phone with a cheery greeting? 

How does your business taste? 

I know this ‘sense’ relates to taste buds and not every business is in the food industry.  If it is, then this sense is taken in the literal sense.   

For all other businesses, ‘taste’ refers to ‘in good taste,’ at least in my opinion.  

For example: 

  • Do your employees start with ‘How may I help you?’ and end with ‘My pleasure’ vs ‘Ya?’ and ‘No prob.’? 
  • Are your client/guest bathrooms clean vs trash overflowing, dirty toilet, sink, floor? 
  • Does your showroom have inappropriate/questionable posters hanging up? 

How does your business feel (touch)? 

This sense can be taken in the literal sense, the touch of something sticky, cold, or hot or in how it makes one feel, as in touches someone’s emotions. 

For example: 

  • When someone walks through your showroom, do their shoes stick to the floor with each step? 
  • Does your website have pictures of people smiling at each other, working together, consoling one another, etc.? 

How does your business smell? 

  • Does your business have a ‘fresh baked bread’ smell when you walk in the door? 
  • Do your employees smell like cigarettes when they walk into a room? 

Customer experience is a customer’s overall perception of your company based on their interactions with it.  It includes every touchpoint a customer ever has with your company from the moment they first hear about you or see your ad, all the way through to the time they call your support team to ask for assistance, and the service is complete. 

Every business is unique so there is no one checklist to follow to guarantee a great customer experience. 

Here at Lane Technology Solutions we have prioritized: 

  • Attention to the details. 
  • Listening to our clients. 
  • Follow through and following up. 
  • And quite simply, treating others like we would want to be treated ourselves. 

We have tried hard to break out each point of contact a client would have with our company, down to the minute detail, and then work through each point to see if each can be seen through the eyes of another and made changes so that from each angle the view is the same, and it all looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells good!  

We are certainly not perfect, but we try hard to give others the level of service we would want to receive ourselves.  And all we want is a great customer experience! 

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