1717 W Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

LTS Announcement: Tech Gallery is Open for Business!

Things are really moving along with our new location, Tech Gallery.

Signage is up, the store has a few display desktops available for guests to peruse, and we have folks walking in the door to drop off their devices for repair services.

We are still working on getting in more inventory, as well as display cases for miscellaneous components and artwork on the walls, but we are moving right along.

We are very blessed to have great support from our local community.

Whether the need is a repair of existing technology, replacement technology, or looking for a gaming computer as a gift; everyone is excited to have the availability to meet those needs close by and centrally located.Our team is excited to be able to offer better service.

The face-to-face interaction is so much easier than over the phone.

Here we can show unique features of various computer builds and really dive deep into client needs, thus making the device fit the needs instead of the client fitting their needs to a device.One of the reasons we decided on this endeavor is to support the ‘Work From Home’ crowd who no longer have their IT department just down the hall.

Where do you go when your computer freezes, you have a presentation in less than 48 hours, and your IT department is 5 states away? Tech Gallery of course!

We know business technology. This is what we have been doing for 30+ years.

You can rest assured we can assist in working with you and/or your IT department to get you back up and running as soon as possible.We really look forward to seeing this endeavor grow and expand.

3 more locations next year?!?! Who knows?

Time will tell.If you live in the Orlando area or come to town for a vacation, stop by and see us.

We love to show off!

Tech Gallery is located:
1717 W Fairbanks AveWinter Park, FL 32789

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