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The Lane Technology Solutions Employee Experience 

It is common knowledge that with the right employee experience strategy, a business can boost their ability to attract, engage, and develop high-performing, happier employees. 

Encouraging and enhancing employee’s experience with a company’s purpose, brand, and culture enables every interaction they have while on the job to be authentic and sustainable, thus inspiring employee commitment and improving a company’s overall performance. 

At Lane Technology Solutions, we realized this and recently took action in developing an interactive and maintainable method to increase our employee’s experience.  

We put our employees first. – We started out with the thought of first putting focus on our customer’s experience, but quickly realized we would have a better customer experience if our employees had better employee experience.  By putting focus on each employee and their individual work experience, these efforts have already shown results in our employees’ satisfaction, resulted in higher customer satisfaction, and we have seen higher profits.  We are getting more and more unsolicited positive feedback, and referrals from our clients than ever before. 

We listened to our employees. – We conduct periodic employee surveys to get feedback and identify issues our team may be experiencing to pinpoint areas of improvement.  We then make action plans based on the discoveries. 

We prioritized improvement areas. – Once we identify what our employees need, we prioritize issue.  Some are easy fixes and a quick adjustment (a policy change or purchased item) is all that is needed, others are addressed by level of importance.  Our quick action has shown our employees we do read the surveys, value their opinions, and will take steps to meet their needs. 

We examined our culture. – We reviewed our company core values.  We express to our team that we are here to support them through integrity, being innovative & inclusive, giving guidance, and creating synergy where we all work together towards an end goal.   

We changed our physical environment. – We recently moved to a new location, doubling our square footage.  This allowed more space for our corporate offices, a break room, and quiet space for downtime and focused work. We purchased new desks, chairs, monitors, and re-arranged workspace to afford a more comfortable & enjoyable place for our team to work in. 

We developed a new company org chart. We created new roles, job titles & job descriptions.  We developed individual goal plans for each employee based on surveys, one-on-one conversations, and company needs. 

We increased our management team. – We promoted within and brought on specialized new hires to assist in organization, training, and workflow.  This has afforded us more flexibility to work one-on-one with each employee to focus on their individual needs. 

We encourage work autonomy. – We prioritize individual work autonomy by assigning projects to different individuals so they can take the lead from beginning to end, while increasing their knowledge and skills. This has led to developing satisfaction of ownership and pride in work well done.  

We improved the tools we offer. – Through the information obtained in surveys and through continued research of latest trends, we continually expand our technology, resources, and processes.  This has resulted in us working smarter, not harder, and allows our team members to focus on their individual growth within the company. 

We show appreciation. – We not only host corporate gatherings, but also show our appreciation in little ways like surprise breakfast burritos on Cinco de Mayo and cake (of their choice) when they earn an industry certification.   

We expanded and improved our benefit offerings. – We changed payroll companies to reduce costs. This allowed us to facilitate better healthcare coverage, increased coverage limits, and added new benefits to our company benefit package.   

Lane Technology Solution’s management team understands implementing the above steps is the start.  We know this is not a one-and-done process.  We continually revisit the steps to ensure we stay on point and continue to improve.  The results speak for themselves. Team members are more engaged, workflows are streamlined, productivity is up, and our clients, having picked up on the vibe, are happier too.  WIN, WIN, WIN! 

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