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The ‘Superhero Fallacy’ and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make

Humans love stories. More marketers are utilizing storytelling to connect with consumers, yet they’re discovering it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Businesses make mistakes with storytelling, and in this article Matthew Luhn, a story-branding consultant and writer of storytelling in the business world, shares his insight with author Kimberly A. Whitler. Luhn says one example of a common error is when companies make a statement rather than tell a story. They write, “We have a great story,” but then fail to tell the story. “Having a story,” says Luhn, “isn’t the same as saying that you are telling a story.”

Read The ‘Superhero Fallacy’ and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make” to learn about other common faux pas marketers make when using stories to connect with customers.

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