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Top Home Security Tips from Lane Technology Solutions

As technology advances, our homes become smarter, more connected, and unfortunately, more vulnerable to security threats. Ensuring your home is secure from both physical and digital threats is crucial for peace of mind. At Lane Technology Solutions, we focus on business solutions but we want to make sure you protect your home and loved ones as well. Here are our top home security tips to keep your sanctuary safe.

1. Secure Your Network

Change Default Passwords

One of the first steps in securing your home network is changing the default passwords on your devices. Many routers and smart home devices come with default credentials that are easy to guess. Create strong, unique passwords for each device.

Use WPA3 Encryption

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is using the latest encryption standard, WPA3. This provides better security compared to older protocols like WPA2.

Enable Firewalls

Most routers have a built-in firewall feature that can be enabled for added protection. Make sure this feature is turned on to help prevent unauthorized access.

2. Regular Software Updates

Update Firmware

Keep your router and all connected devices updated with the latest firmware. Manufacturers often release updates that address security vulnerabilities.

Update Applications

Ensure all the applications you use, especially those related to security cameras or smart locks, are regularly updated to the latest versions.

3. Physical Security Measures

Install Security Cameras

Place security cameras at key points around your home, such as entrances and driveways. Ensure these cameras are connected to your network securely and have strong passwords.

Smart Doorbells

Install a smart doorbell that includes a camera and microphone. This allows you to see and speak with anyone at your door, even when you’re not home.

Use Smart Locks

Smart locks can provide enhanced security and convenience. Make sure they are configured correctly and updated regularly to prevent any potential breaches.

4. Protect Against Physical Intrusions

Use Deadbolts

Install deadbolts on all exterior doors. These locks are more resistant to picking and forced entry compared to standard locks.

Window Security

Use window locks and sensors to alert you if a window is opened. Consider adding security film to make glass more resistant to breaking.

Outdoor Lighting

Install motion-sensor lights around your property to deter potential intruders. Well-lit areas are less likely to be targeted.

5. Monitor Your Home

Security Systems

Invest in a comprehensive home security system that includes sensors, alarms, and professional monitoring services. These systems can provide immediate alerts and dispatch emergency services if needed.

Remote Monitoring

Use apps to monitor your home security system from your smartphone. Ensure these apps are secure and regularly updated.

6. Educate Your Household


Educate everyone in your household about security best practices. This includes recognizing phishing attempts, creating strong passwords, and understanding the importance of updates.

Emergency Plans

Have a plan in place for emergencies, including what to do in case of a security breach or fire.


Your home is your sanctuary, and securing it is more important than ever. By implementing these home security tips, you can protect your property and loved ones from various threats. At Lane Technology Solutions, we are committed to helping you achieve a safe and secure business environment, but if you need more information or assistance with your home security needs, contact us today!

Stay safe and secure!

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